“ANA” means a hole in Japanese. There is a hole (ANA) on the glass for wine.

Looking into the hole (ANA) floating quietly on the glass is similar to glancing at the grid of Kyomachiya, a traditional townhouse found mainly in Kyoto. By looking into the hole (ANA), a relationship between inside and outside is executed. The light goes through, and the shadow of the outline of the hole (ANA) is projected on the surface of the wine. The bouquet of the wine from the hole(ANA)is another way to enjoy the wine. By paying close attention to the holes, in order not to spill wine, the time for staring at the wine is inevitably increased, the presence of the holes has been emphasized. Drinking through the “hole (ANA) ” adds a new pleasure and vividly colours on our activities.

There’re several types of glass: Burgundy, Bordeaux, White and Champagne. Also two types of holes, one is made by the technique of making holes as they are using Bezier curves, another is by the technique of artisans using heat.