ANA Glass has won the Bronze Award in Sky Design Awards 2020, Industrial Design division.

There are holes (ANA) in the glass. The architecture is condensed and expressed as a glass.
Looking into the holes that floats quietly in the glass is similar to the act of glimpsing the lattice of a Kyomachiya, creating a relationship between the inside and outside. Light is transmitted and the shadow of the outline of the holes are projected on the surface of the wine. A combination of glass roundness and holes, create the optimum environment for each aged wine. The curve of the glass drawn by the Bezier curve smoothly repeats expansion and denting, and is fluidly and gently connected to the three holes drawn by the Bezier curve. The softly wrapped aroma drifts through the holes and blends into the surroundings, making the wine more enjoyable.
A glimpse of the scenery looking up at the hole, from below. A moment when the existence of the holes is highlighted, by staring at the wine so that it does not overflow from the hole. By passing through the “hole” to the act of drinking wine, new enjoyment is added and the activity is vividly colored. The new enjoyment induces contact and communication with loved ones.

Description of item
Enjoy the wines of each region. 4 kinds of glasses, each glass is adapted to the nature of the wine in the area and blends from shape to hole.
The champagne glass beautifully charms the delicate bubbles, and the bubbles and holes blend together to create a fantastic atmosphere. Swirl moderately and gently, the wine smoothly enters the mouth, entangles the tongue, and slowly flows to the back of the throat. Empathize with friends who share the place with the glass and chat with friends in remote areas who share time.
Like the idiom in Japanese, 十人十色(juunin-toiro), literally “ten people, ten colors”; everyone has his or her own way of thinking or doing something, ANA glass can also be used in many ways, such as enjoying a single flower in the hole and decorating it as a pure object. Please enjoy the changing glass and changing environment according to various situations.
In the process of making wine, it may look like a simple glass that is simply pierced, but it has only been possible with Sugahara glass. Each piece is made one by one using the technique of blowing up to the rim, bowl, stem, and plate of the glass with a single blow and opening the holes at once before the heat cools. It can only be achieved by the technique of a unique traditional craftsman. Every part of the process of design is MADE IN JAPAN is carefully finished one by one in collaboration with KOTARO HORIUCHI and Sugahara Glass. You can enjoy the difference of each hole and the balance of the set.